Our tournament ladder is part of a closed beta being ran at

Registration is required at You may find match rules, schedule info, and information for signing up at

Season 2's flagship event is a competitive ladder. Forgoing the traditional format of group pools and weekend brackets, instead we're making a ladder that features matchmaking, drafting, leaderboards, and a milestone based prizing scheme. There are currently three ways to participate in the ladder.

Option A) A direct challenge. This is pretty simple, just locate another team that's willing to play a match. You check to see whose online by taking a look at the online members on the Discord - everyone participating has a team role. Message them on Discord that you want to do an official ladder match so there's zero confusion that the following customs you'll play are ranked. Play your matches, and then submit results using the Google Form linked below.

Option B) Matchmaking. Over at our page, we have a matchmaking ladder that runs 7 hours a day from 1PM-8PM EST. To participate, simply visit the ladder, linked, below, and search for a match. You will receive a notification once it finds you one. You will have 5 minutes to accept your match once it finds you one.

Option C) Bi-Weekly Group Pools. On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, we will do a group pool bracket. In a nutshell, you can show up and play usually around 3-4 teams. All the matches count towards the ladder. Check-In is at 11AM EST and the matches start at 11:30AM EST. To check in, you'll simply go by #check-in and let us know that your team would like to play the bracket. Once the day's bracket is finalized, we will post it at ~11:30AM EST. The season ends on March 10th. After that, the top 8 ranked teams will move on to play the Championship Cup, our double elimination playoffs.