Our tournament ladder is part of a closed beta being ran at

Registration is required at You may find match rules, schedule info, and information for signing up at

As this ladder is part of a closed beta, functionality is limited in some aspects. Functionality will improve as time goes on. At this time, the ONLY way to play a ladder match is to use the ladder's matchmaking system. The ladder uses a matchmaking system that is open only from 1PM EST to 9PM EST each day. The system will restrict you from facing the same team multiple times in a row. It also enforces a 5 minute 'cooldown' period inbetween matches.

If you would like to search for a match faster, there is a text channel on our Discord called #lookingforgame You can use it to let people know you are currently searching for a match thus encouraging people to also start searching.

Sign up for the ladder here: