The Doubles Tournament is our yearly event that takes the regular gameplay mode of Awesomenauts and puts it in a 2v2 format! It generally takes place in the first month of the year.

Our 2017 tournament began on January 29th and wrapped on February 11th. Over 80 teams signed up and duked it out. When it came time for the Grand Finals, it was bOdy_hUnter_PT and Zuji (Team Serious Gamers) vs Eddster and Yo!o (Team Aesthetic). Team Aesthetic was sent to the loser's bracket rather early; they got beat out in round 2 by PewDiePie Fan Club. However, Team Aesthetic came back hard, and beat out PFC in the loser's finals so that they could take on Serious Gamers, who had only dropped a single match the entire tournament thus far. The odds were in favor of Serious Gamers. As the playoffs were Double Elimination, they would have to lose a best of 5 set twice to Team Aesthetic in order to not take home the gold but only had to beat them once. However, Team Aesthetic did the unbelievable and scored two 3-0 sweeps making them the 2017 Doubles Tournament Champions.

You can check the playoffs bracket here:

Details for the 2018 tournament are currently under wraps!

You can check out the tournament stream archive. If you're looking for a quick and short bit, look to the left to check out our Top 5 Plays of the tournament.