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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School year. We are looking forward to a fun, productive year.

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Contact Information:

Mrs. Stephanie Arredondo

Apple Valley High School, room H-8

MAHST Academy Coordinator/ HOSA & Skills Advisor

(760) 247-7206 ext. 71608, stephanie_arredondo@avusd.org

Mrs. Ashlee Carpino

Apple Valley High School, room H-2

MAHST Academy Teacher/ HOSA & Skills Advisor

(760) 247-7206 ext. 71602 ashlee_carpino@avusd.org

We are proud to say we are a distinguished CPA Academy in the state of California. We are also a Lighthouse Academy which means we are a model academy and help other academies learn the way to run an academy appropriately.

Carpino MAHST I Syllabus
Arredondo MAHST II Syllabus
MAHST IV Syllabus
MAHST Agenda 2018-2019
MAHST 4 Year Plan
MAHST Scope and Sequence

Arredondo's Classes Agenda: Click on the agenda above to see what we are doing in class or if you missed class that day.

MAHST Scope and Sequence