4 Year Plan

Four Year Plan

In the freshman year, students complete a 4 year plan with their counselors. The purpose is for the students to establish long-term educational goals and inform their parents/guardians and counselors of their plans.

Four Year Plan Sheet

Graduation Requirements


English must include 10 units Intro Lit/Comp; 10 credits World Lit/Comp, 10 credits American Literature, and 10 credits other Literature based course (ERWC).

Required Credits: 40


Science (minimum of 10 credits biological and 10 credits Physical Science)

Required Credits: 20


Mathematics (at least one course or combination of two courses shall meet or exceed state academic content standards for Algebra I or Math I).

Required Credits: 30

Vocational Courses

Foreign Language, Visual/Performing Arts, or Vocational courses must include one course, 10 credits, in Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language).

Required Credits: 20

World History, Geography and Culture

Required Credits: 10


Required Credits: 20

United States History and Geography

Required Credits: 10

American Government/Economics

Required Credits: 10

Elective Courses

(may include courses from the categories listed above)

Required Credits: 70

Total Credits: 230

Credit Recovery Options

Summer School: Summer school forms available in February. Deadline: March 25, 2016

After school credit recovery courses are sometimes available. They start the second week of the semester.

ROP: After school Tuesdays/Thursdays 2:00 - 4:45 p.m. Sign up at the first class meeting in August/January

Courses offered: Wood Working Occupations, Restaurant: Catering, and Bakery Occupations. Sign up in Counseling.

Volunteer: Get an application from your Counselor (70 hours = 5 credits)

Victor Valley College classes: www.vvc.edu (Get a concurrent enrollment form from Counseling)

Work Experience: Sign up with Mrs. Salisbury in the Career Center (A215).

Class Changes

Class changes are made only for academic purposes. Elective changes are only made based on availability.

First semester course change deadline is August 12, 2016.

Your request can be denied due to the following reasons:

The class requested is closed/full.

The student does not meet the prerequisite for the class.

Changes are not made for a specific teacher.

Teachers may not request a student to attend a particular period.

No period changes or reordering of classes.

Changes are not made due to participation in extracurricular activities.

Student's request requires a parent signature.

The student did not meet the deadline for class changes (8/12/16)

Level changes are done only through the teacher.

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