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A conference which takes place second semester for the student population at Granite Hills High School. The conference is facilitated by the Peer Helpers to help instill positivity and a sense of community among students. This is done by doing numerous team building and small group activities which focuses on building an understanding of similarities in the struggles and pressures that the students face in day to day life. The goal of Cougars United is to help tear down superficial barriers such as race, gender, sexual identity, religion, and class to build a community that recognizes the enduring similarities between people; which in turn will minimize some of the bullying that occurs on campus.


The Granite Hills High School Peer Helpers are a group of students who care about others and are trained in communication and listening skills to help students on campus discover their own questions and answers without giving advice or solving the problem. They do “one on one” counseling and assist with conflict resolutions. The Peer Helpers have various events on campus to help bring awareness to teen issues such as drugs, alcohol, traffic safety, and bullying. They also help improve the school environment by holding an event titled, “Cougars United” where awareness is brought to the student population about their similarities and to respect each other’s differences.