Mission Statement of Athletics

Granite Hills High School offers 20 sports with multiple levels. The objective of the athletic

programs are to nurture the whole person; that is, the mental, emotional and physical well-being

of all student/athletes. Our purpose is to enhance self-esteem and self-respect and to guide our

young people toward becoming mature adults who see beyond individual needs to the needs of

the larger community.

Incoming Freshmen Athletic Summer Info

Welcome to all of our students for the incoming Class of 2021! Attached below are PDF files of

flyers with information for our athletic programs doing summer workouts or tryouts. Some

programs will have meetings and tryouts while other teams will not have organized tryouts or activities

over the summer, which are noted on their flyers. All students must turn in a GHHS athletic

packet by June 22nd to the GHHS athletic department office. Packets can be downloaded

from the link labeled “Athletic Packet” or pick one up in the Athletics Office at GHHS.

Each student must have a Cougar Pass from the Athletics office verifying

completion of their packet in order to participate in any summer tryouts, practices or

conditioning programs. For questions, please call the GHHS athletic department at 760-961- 2290

ext. 2405, or see our e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page. We look forward to meeting you

this summer!

Links for Coaches

Coach Directory

Fall Sports

Football Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Alex Gonzalez

(760) 961-2290 ext 2130


Cross Country Coaches


Susan Bennis

(760) 961-2290 ext 2160



Steve Ortiz


Volleyball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Lisa Hele


Boys’ Water Polo Coach

Steven Kalinich

(760) 961-2290 ext 2506


Girls Tennis Head Coach

Simen Shchurov


Winter Sports

Boys Basketball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Tory Dudgeon

torytdudgeon@ gmail.com

Boys Soccer Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Paul Casarez


Boy Wrestling Coach

Head Varsity Coach

Girl Wrestling Coach

Mark Toarmina


Girls Basketball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Robert Gibbs


Girls’ Soccer Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Oleg Tsabur


Girls Water Polo Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Steven Kalinich

(760) 961-2290 ext 2506


Spring Sports

Baseball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Casey Kemble


Track and Field Coach

Steve Ortiz


Boys Tennis Coach

Simen Shchurov


Softball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Shane Cardenas


Swimming Coach

Steven Kalinich

(760) 961-2290 ext 2506


Golf Coach

Bret Smith

(760) 961-2290 ext 2610


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