Athletic Director Daniel Rincon

760-961-2290 x 73914/73951

Mission Statement of Athletics

Granite Hills High School offers 20 sports with multiple levels. The objective of the athletic

programs are to nurture the whole person; that is, the mental, emotional and physical well-being

of all student/athletes. Our purpose is to enhance self-esteem and self-respect and to guide our

young people toward becoming mature adults who see beyond individual needs to the needs of

the larger community.

Athletic Clearance Information

All students interested in sports for the 2018 -2019 can pick up a sports packet in the Athletics Office C405 at GHHS.

Each student must have a Cougar Pass from the Athletics office verifying

completion of their packet in order to participate in any tryouts, practices or

conditioning programs. For questions, please call the GHHS athletic department at 760-961- 2290

ext. 73951, or see our e-mail addresses at the top of this page. We look forward to meeting you!

Request to Release Form

Click on this link to access the Release Form. Use this form to get approval to transport your student from Away Games. This form must be submitted to the Athletics Office 48 hours in advance of the athletic competition that you are requesting to pick up your student.

Request to Release

Coach Directory

Fall Sports

Football Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Alex Gonzalez

(760) 961-2290 ext 2130

Cross Country Coaches

Susan Bennis

Volleyball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Lisa Hele

Boys’ Water Polo Coach

Steven Cobbs

Girls Tennis Head Coach

Simen Shchurov

Links for Coaches

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Contact Darryl Stoudemire

Boys' Soccer Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Paul Casarez

Boys' Wrestling Coach

Head Varsity Coach

Michael Witham

Girls' Wrestling Coach

Mark Toarmina

Girls' Basketball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Ashley MacLeod

Girls’ Soccer Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Oleg Tsabur

Girls' Water Polo Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Steven Cobbs

Spring Sports

Baseball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Chris Watkins

Track and Field Coach

Susan Bennis

Boys' Tennis Coach

Simen Shchurov

Softball Coach

Varsity Head Coach

Don Shaub

Swimming Coach

Steven Kalinich

(760) 961-2290 ext 2506

Golf Coach

Mychael Turner