Science Department Faculty

Mr Aburto

Mrs Chambers

Mr Kennedy

Ms Kennedy

Mr McKenzie

Mrs Pike

Mr Purser

Mr Whiteside

Science is an important part of education and the life of each of our students. We encourage parents and students to keep in mind that studying science is not merely an excellent way to prepare for a career, but also represents an opportunity to gain a better understanding and a fuller appreciation of the world in which we live. Such knowledge protects us from being misled and allows us to make informed decisions. Informed decision-making must surely be one of the most vital responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society.

In each course, the Science Department will provide:

  • A stimulating thought provoking, rigorous curriculum.
  • Laboratory experiences that emphasize critical thinking and the scientific method.
  • Encouragement to consider education as a life-long experience.
  • A scientific knowledge base that will lead to successful career choices.
  • Reasons to respect the balance between humanity and the natural environment.
  • Opportunities to use a variety of technologies related to science
This photo shows a group of four high school students working collaboratively on building a VEX robot.

Science and Engineering Fair Dates:

Granite Hills High Science Fair - January 25, 2017

AVUSD District Science Fair (for site winners) - February 23, 2017

Country Science Fair (for district winners) - April 14th, 2017

Please see Mr Aburto in Room A105 if you are planning on submitting a project.