Athletes- Please get cleared through

Reminder: Your grades for this quarter will determine your athletic eligibility for the remainder of the year. You must have a 2.0 GPA (C-Average) to be eligible to play.

If you are planning on joining an athletic team you must create an account on Home Campus. All signatures must be completed by the athlete and parent and then upload a copy of your current physical to your Home Campus account

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Director:

(Last updated Feburary 26, 2021)

AVHS Athletic Contests 2021

The Athletic Program at Apple Valley High School is designed to provide as many students as possible with a physically, emotionally and socially competitive experience. The athletic program provides young people with the opportunity to achieve a high degree of skill in the area of their choice, we offer seventeen varsity sports.

The athletes at Apple Valley High School are asked to follow a strict behavioral code. The State CIF Federation Council, the governing board of California high school athletic competitions, mandates that students and coaches emphasize sportsmanship. AVHS coaches hold students accountable for their actions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. The entire staff at Apple Valley High School believes that the many hours of work and dedication shown in preparation for an athletic event are as important as the event itself. The athletic department is committed to working together as a team, to support each other’s programs, and to encourage athletes to play more than one sport.

Athletic Clearance Procedures:

  1. Go to and register your student.

  2. Complete all online electronic signatures.

  3. Obtain a physical from a MD or PA. (Apple Valley High School no longer accepts physicals from Chiropractors) Forms for your physical and permission to travel can be found in A-3 or at

  4. Bring you hard copies of your physical and permission to travel to A-3 to obtain your Clearance card. Please note that you can only obtain a clearance once all forms are electronically signed and hard copies of the Permission to travel and signed physical forms are complete.



Fall Sports


Kyle Godfrey

760-247-7206 Ext.71305

Girls’ Tennis

Paul Dominguez

760-247-7206 ext. 71112


Nicole Koester

Cross Country

Gretchen Peratt

Kyle Godfrey

Winter Sports

Boys’ Basketball

Jeff Wilbur

760-247-7206 ext. 71824

Girls’ Basketball

Patrick Geisel

Boys’ Soccer

Brad Smith and Bob Tarango

Girls’ Soccer

Nicole Downing and Tabitha Fedina

760-247-7206 ext. 71109


Nick Garrett/ George Gregory/ Jesse Kremer


Spring Sports


Jeff Bougher



Josh Dollar

760-247-7206 Ext.71207

Boys’ Tennis

Paul Dominguez

760-247-7206 ext. 71112


Belle Placencia


Tanya Burkel

Kyle Godfrey

760247-7206 Ext.71305