About the Centre

Centre for machine learning and intelligence is a centre formed for students, consisting of both undergraduate and postgraduate who are interested in Artificial Intelligence and seek a place to talk about it. The goal is to form a community of interested students who share knowledge, passion, and skills. The centre focuses around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and its application in the domain of Health care, Agriculture, Smart cities, Education, Transport etc.

Established in the year - 2019


The centre shall revolutionize the higher end experience for students in the process of learning AI by steering and involving them in various best practices and establish state of the art in the development and innovation of machine learning and computational intelligence algorithms.


Establishing centre to involve all fraternity that could serve them in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It shall be the hub for learners and innovators to involve in problem-solving projects and also the centre supports and organizes the activities in collaborations between AI research groups from different fields in the University, promoting the interdisciplinarity which is the key University research vision.


  • To provide a platform to exchange and enhance Knowledge in AI.

  • To provide technical training to students in the focus areas of AI.

  • To motivate and guide students to participate in competitions.

  • To take up industry defined problems and provide solutions.

  • To spread awareness among students about AI technology for nation building

Details of the Fund

The 21st century has witnessed numerous technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, deep Learning, Block Chain, Intent of Things (IOT), data analytics etc which are shaping the world economy and society. The explosion of these technologies has also created new category of job opportunities globally. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential to provide large incremental value to a wide range of sectors. In the present scenario, therefore, it is imperative that universities and colleges need to provide basic understanding and knowledge of the AI and related tools to all students to improve their employability in the AI-powered future. It is noteworthy that AI will find applications in diverse fields such as Agriculture, Medicine, Law and manufacturing therefore its teaching and research need not to be limited to computer science or engineering disciplines.

In order to embrace full potential of Artificial Intelligence Government of India has identified five sectors - healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure & transportations to focus. As technology increasingly disrupts the nature of jobs and shifts the benchmarks of technological aptitude, skilling and reskilling of workforce forms an integral part of our approach to adopting AI. There is an emergent need for re-skilling the existing workforce and developing future talent in accordance with the changing needs of the job market. This could be done via the adoption of decentralised teaching mechanisms working in collaboration with the private sector and educational institutions to prescribe certification with value.

As an action point of AI strategy of Niti Aayog, KIRAN Division, DST has started a new component in CURIE program for establishment of AI labs in all the CURIE beneficiary universities with the goal to foster AI innovations and set up AI-friendly infrastructure to prepare skilled manpower for AI-based jobs in future. This facility gives exposure of different AI tools to women students coming out from these universities and will improve employability of women in this upcoming sector. The objectives of CURIE-AI programme are as follows:

a) Establishment of AI lab in Women Universities

b) Start of Certificate course for all the Under-graduate and Post-graduate students of Science, Engineering and related streams

c) Summer/Winter schools on AI for outside girl students

d) Up-skilling and re-skilling of faculty

Women Universities are playing an important role in women’s higher education, research and preparing them for jobs in various areas. Since AI is an upcoming area with lot of job potential in near future and it is the right time to introduce AI courses in Universities curriculum to increase employability of students. AI facility will also open avenues for high end research in women universities.

Funds Received from DST

  • 2019 - 2020 - Establishment of DST-CURIE-Facility - Rs. 70 Lacs

  • 2021 - 2023 - Core Research Grant for Artificial Intelligence - Rs. 2.42 Cr


Principal Investigator:

Dr.V.Bharathi Harishankar, Ph.D., FRSA

Mail: vc@avinuty.ac.in

Project Coordinator:


Professor, Department of Computer Science,


Mobile Number :- 9442271971

Faculty in-charge - Center for Cyber Intelligence:


Professor, Department of Computer Science,


Faculty in-charge - AI Start-up Programme:


Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science,


Mobile Number :- 9442571571