KHS Tip Line

Campus safety is a top priority at Knight High School. Our staff, security, administration, and campus deputy work diligently to maintain safety on our campus, and we recognize that school safety is a community effort.

We want to make it easy to report safety or security concerns that affect Knight High School students.

If you have a safety or security concern that impacts our campus, please report it to us using the Tip Line, or by contacting the school directly at (661) 533-9000.

The Tip Line is designed to be a quick, convenient way to report concerns at any time, day or night. Tips can be anonymous, or you can provide contact information for follow-up.

When leaving a tip, please be specific, including as much of the following information as possible:

  • The name of the student(s) involved in the issue, or a description if you do not have a name,
  • A description of the issue, including when and/or where the issue occurred,
  • Links to posts on social media, if the issue is coming from social media.

In addition to accessing the Tip Line from this page, you can also download the AVUHSD App, follow Knight High School, and have quick access to our tip line, right on your phone.