This Years Freshmen Teachers: Ms. Barlow, Miss. Powell, and Ms. McCall

We Expect AVID Students to:


  1. Take Cornell Notes in your classes!
  2. Use your planner to stay organized!

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday======>AVID Curriculum
    • HW: Fill out your TRF!
  • Tuesday======>Tutorials
  • Wednesday===>AVID Curriculum
    • HW: Fill out your TRF!
  • Thursday=====>Tutorials
    • HW: Get that Binder Ready!
  • Friday========>Binder Checks



What are Tutorials?

Students fill out a Tutorial Request Form with a question from one of their academic classes. It could be a math problem from their homework or a question about how to conjugate verbs for spanish class. This activity teaches student to go through the appropriate steps to try work through information that they are having a hard time with and then use their resources (notes, text book, internet) and peers to help them gain a better understanding of challenging material. A college tutor facilitates each student group and assists in the collaborative process.

How to Take Notes?

What is a Binder Check?

Students need to keep all of their work in their binder! The Binder should be organized with 5 divider tabs each labeled with your students class subjects in the order of their schedule. Assignments and Notes for each class is placed behind each tab. The oldest work is on the bottom and the newest work on the top right underneath the tab. Every Friday College tutors grade the binders for 200 points. They are looking for organized binders with 3 pages of cornell notes taken for each class. Students need to show proof of using their planners daily, and a weekly record of their grades. Students should be keeping their binders organized all of the time, but every thursday night should be the time they check to see if they have completed all of the weekly tasks.