CSF Scholarship Opportunities

Seymour: Seniors that have reached Gold Graduate Status are nominated by their Advisor(s) for this scholarship by mid-February. Advisors may nominate up to 2 students per school year.

Outstanding Sealbearer ($1000): Seniors are nominated by their Advisor(s) after meeting the requirements for this scholarship by the beginning of March. Advisors may nominate up to 1 student per school year. which are as follows:

  1. is a Life Member (Sealbearer);
  2. needs financial assistance to achieve post-secondary goals;
  3. is overlooked in other awards;
  4. is driven and hard-working; and
  5. has identified post-secondary goals.
  6. is not a Seymour nominee

Michelson ($1000): Seniors write an essay from an assigned topic and submit their responses by a date in December (see CSF's website for official due date and entry information).

Award Opportunity Outside CSF

NASSP- Service Award Opportunity

AV Airshow STEM Scholarship- AV Air Show gives $2500 scholarships to qualifying Seniors that are planning on studying for STEM fields after high school. Due date for applications is January 14, 2018.