AVUHSD Special Education Distance Learning Center for students & Families

Navigating learning, together

All students have the ability to learn, but it takes a team to figure out how to help their talents shine. This website intends to provide additional resources to students with special needs and their families while we create unique learning environments through distance learning. The AVUHSD distance learning plan for ALL students to access education is inclusive of students with special needs; however, this website will provide additional resources and information to students with special needs and their families.

Thank you for being our teammate as we navigate learning, together.

--Student Services, Special Education Team

Student cAse management & Progress monitoring

Students will continue to be monitored by their special education case carrier. The case carrier will reach out to individual students/families with specifics on assignments (as appropriate), support for general education courses, collaboration and problem solving with the parent/guardian, and IEP development (as needed). Please consider your student's case carrier as your primary contact for questions regarding services. Your child's case carrier will be in touch with you very soon!