Professional sales experts with a wandering spirit. 

äventyr ; Adventure, in our case portrayed in the Swedish language, requires an exorbitant amount of ambition. It’s an indescribable desire to venture into the unknown, perhaps for fortune and glory and no doubt it requires the guts and desire to possibly fail… or prevail.  

Customer INtimacy

Deeply connected relationships with influential customers

Product Leadership

Simplified energy on the most innovated & functional product

Operational Excellence

Organized, direct, & professional representation of your brand

Tim Larson

Owner / Sales Rep

Tim Larson is a sales and marketing veteran of 20+ years in the specialty sporting goods, active sportswear and lifestyle industries.  Few representatives can boast a more diverse knowledge base with specific gear experience in tech wearables and sports science, biomechanics and footwear as well as functional and fashionable apparel. 

Tim shares his complex knowledge with a simple and easy to understand style and pertains to the deep needs of customers because of his intimate connections with consumers. With experience with inventory management, seasonal line presentations, and product and sales training for staff, Tim is all you need for representing your brand. 

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