Growth Mindset

A Speedrun of the "Growth Mindset"

World-renowned psychologist Carol S. Dweck discovered a groundbreaking idea. That is the power of the mindset. She discovered how success in almost every area of human endeavor can be greatly influenced by how we think of our own talents and abilities. Her book, Mindset, helps us better understand ourselves in our own pursuits.

Reflection Question: How can having a growth mindset benefit you?

A Fixed vs Growth Mindset

In this video, learn how mindset can drastically change someone's life.

Reflection Question: Has someone else's life mistakes ever prevented you from doing something amazing or from getting better?

Fixed On Growing

Learn how three sisters became known as some of the greatest chess players in history and the secret to their successes.

Reflection Questions: What is a skill that you know now and can do smoothly that you couldn't do when you were born? What made you so good at it?

Exceptionally Groomed

Mozart is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers to have ever lived. It is often overlooked that Mozart had a distinct advantage in becoming famous.

Reflection Question: Who is someone successful that people regard as the greatest in their field of work? How did that person get to become so exceptional?

Success Is An Illusion?

Success, success, success. We hear about it so much, it can sometimes get overwhelming. I'm not entirely sure we really know what it is though. These videos give us new or different angles on success.

Reflection Questions: What is something you have had trouble with lately? What do you say to yourself when you want to quit?