About the College Access Program

The College Access Program collaborates with colleges and universities, primarily in the 1890 Land-Grant System and Learn4Life schools. Recently CAP has expanded to include colleges outside of the 1890 System to add more post-secondary options for Learn4Life students. Together, CAP and collaborating Higher Education Institutions nationwide seek to strengthen and promote college access, readiness, enrollment, and persistence opportunities for students and alumni. 

Learn4Life Advantage 

Being a Learn4Life student has many advantages, and access to a network of colleges and universities is now one of them! We organize many events to help you decide which college is right for you. You can access college representatives at virtual and in-person events. We have the latest news regarding on-campus opportunities, programs, and events providing students access to college facilities, professors, clubs, and civic and campus organizations. College Fairs and FAFSA nights are regularly available. CAP assists you with preparing and coordinating placement tests and waivers of application fees. Admission requirements may include a combination of GPA, SAT, and ACT scores.

Student Support 

CAP works with colleges and universities to provide you with the best support and facilitate a smooth transition to college or university. We will continue to reach out to alumni to offer ongoing academic and social support, help with needed paperwork, and ensure that prior to the start of each semester, we connect enrolled students with counselors and advisors to answer any questions. 


Learn4Life students and alumni are eligible to receive scholarships to attend many of the participating colleges. We are committed to helping you financially so that you can focus on your education. For more information, please visit the Paying for College tab on the Counseling & Alumni pages.

College information and personalized matching with colleges and universities based on student data amd admission requirements.

Financial guidance and scholarship opportunities.

Assistance applying and enrolling in college.

Reduced application cost.

Support of dedicated CAP team: acdemic and mental health check-ins, personalized retention plan, contact for questions/issues as they arise.

Resources and networks to excel in courses, persist and graduate.