Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 2019 AUUMM Conference!

This is a time for us to learn, worship together, renew old friendships and make new ones – and of course, make music. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to spend time together as colleagues. We want to remind you, however, that we are gathered here as worship arts professionals and leaders, and that appropriate standards of behavior are expected in accordance with the AUUMM’s Code of Professional Conduct, Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures – all of which apply fully at this event. Copies of these policies can be accessed via our website, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself, or review, these policies:

Code of Professional Practice:


Accountability Procedure:


Please understand that while we all want to have fun at this conference, consumption of alcohol or any other substances is no excuse for harassment, bullying or misconduct and is not an acceptable defense.

We who serve this organization take everyone’s safety very seriously. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. We are sorry for neglecting to directly address this in the past, and we assure you that we are deeply committed to your safety and will take appropriate action should the need arise.

If you have any concerns or find yourself in a challenging situation, please don’t hesitate to ask for help by contacting one of the people listed below. The contact persons at this conference are:

AUUMM Board :

Shawn McCann, President, 978-257-0846

Deborah Weiner, Moderator

LB Brown

Sarah Jebian

DeReau Farrar

Amanda Thomas

Rev. Christe Lunsford

Joel Chapman

Conference Planning Committee:

Bea Ann Phillips 703-966-3226

Julie Enersen 402-937-6647

Sarah Billerbeck

DeReau Farrar

Rev. David Glasgow

John Hubert

Sarah Jebian

Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout


Rev. Amy Rowland, Conference Chaplain

Rev. Sofia Betancourt, Conference Chaplain for People of Color

Good Officers:

Rev. David Glasgow

Catherine Massey

Elizabeth Norton

Marty Swisher

Keith Arnold

We trust everyone will support our collective goal of fulfilling AUUMM’s commitment to support its legal and moral obligations of ensuring your safety and well-being. We look forward to having a fantastic time in Denver!