Supply Chain Blockchain Platform as a Service

The vision of AutoBlock is to create a Supply Chain Blockchain platform as a service which enables anyone to build and create Supply Chain applications on the platform. AutoBlock platform will be built on Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, mobile, cloud and other latest and greatest Technologies.

This platform will be built in collaboration with MIT & Harvard. AutoBlock's platform will be similar to Android platform where people can build any Supply Chain specific applications on the platform. Once many apps are built, it will become a marketplace and we will introduce & enable payments

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Gaurav Chawla, MIT

Supply Chain Management

Sanjul Bhakri, Harvard


Kalyan Kalwa

Blockchain & Tech Expert

Mohit Verma

Blockchain & Tech Expert


Arjun Kalsy

Blockchain Lead at Tech Mahindra

Evgeny Shvarov

Startup Manager at Intersystems

Srikanth Challa

Blockchain Lead at Infosys

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