Welcome to the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative services page.

As the largest provider of skateboarding services in Australia, we aim to lead by example in providing events and services of the highest quality catering for the local community.

Our Goals are to:

  1. Develop skateboarding and safe skatepark use nationally
  2. Provide Pathways for talent from regional Australia
  3. Create Job Opportunities across regions in Australia
  4. Develop Local sustainable skatepark activities
  5. Provide Equality for people of all backgrounds at skateparks
  6. Develop and nurture future skateboarding talent in Australia
  7. Support industry through sponsorship and events

Your Engine Room

The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative manages all of the skatepark aspects of events. With the Council, Brand or shop being the forefront of the event. All of our staff are Accredited by the Australian Skateboarding Federation, and manage registrations, setup, judging, risk assessment and coordination at events.