Choice Sheet Information 23-24 

In addition to offering a robust slate of comprehensive academic and elective classes Small is proud to offer innovative courses in environmental studies and Career & Technology Education (CTE), including a strong STEAM program implementing the national pre-engineering curriculum of Project Lead the Way (Gateway to Technology) and EcoRise Design Innovation curriculum. 


DEADLINE 8/23/23

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6th Grade Choice Sheet

Choice Sheet 

23-24 Choice Sheet 6

7th Grade Choice sheet

Choice Sheet 

23-24 Choice Sheet 7th - Asadi

8th grade choice sheet

Choice Sheet 

23-24 Choice Sheet 8th

6th Grade Elective Course Descriptions

Small Middle School 6th Grade Elective Course Guide 23-1.pdf

7th Grade Elective Course Descriptions

_Small Middle School 7th Grade Elective Course Guide.pdf

8th Grade Elective Course Descriptions

Small Middle School 8th Grade Elective Course Guide.pdf
23-24 6th grade choice sheet.mp4

5th going to 6th grade choice sheet

6th going to 7th grade choice sheet

7th going to 8th grade choice sheet

OFF CAMPUS PE Information

To Apply for Austin ISD Off-Campus Physical Education Program

OCPE Student Information and Application (PDF)


Please click here for PHYSICAL FORM INFORMATION. Physicals are recommended in April for the following school year so that the physical is valid for the entire sport season. New sheets are not available yet. Please submit your physical to the counselors or coaches as soon as you have it and no later than your first day of the athletic period. 

Applications & Auditions

Solicitudes Y Audiciones

Choice sheets will be due before applications are due. No worries!

Office Aide -Available Now

Jazz Band - Available Now

PALS - Available Now

Chamber Choir - Available Now

Advanced Art 

Cougar Dancers   - Available Now