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Learning At-Home

Note from AISD Academics:

Austin ISD is committed to keeping families informed as we respond to the presence of coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, in our greater community. We continue to work in partnership with the Travis County Health and Human Services department (DCHHS), the area’s lead health agency.

As the community comes together, we are providing learning activities for you and your students while we are away from the classroom. The district has created this Learning At-Home website, complete with online courses and recommended learning resources for all grade levels. First and foremost, we want to ensure that our students are healthy and safe as we continue to connect as one AISD family.

AISD classes are cancelled from March 23rd through April 3rd. While physical campuses are closed until April 13, this site can offer optional short-term learning and enrichment from home.

Where can I pick up printed packets?

What can I find on this site?

AISD Chief Equity Officer, Dr. Stephanie Hawley: Welcome and Page Overview

  • This website is intended for caretakers, students, and teachers to access ideas for learning and enrichment opportunities.

  • The resources on this site are intended to provide optional enrichment during the current cancellation of classes. They are presented with community, human connection, students with disabilities, and language learners in mind.

  • Resources include a range of ideas for online and offline activities that students can work on at home independently, with family members, or with other adults. Some of these activities may require guidance from an adult to get started.

  • Additional resources will be added, please check back periodically

How do I navigate this site?

🚧 Site Navigation: Based on your needs, please navigate through this site by using the navigation bar at the top left-hand corner of the screen. A short description of each section can be found below. 🚧

Grade-Level Content

Caretakers and teachers can access a variety of online AND screen-free grade-level content. Navigate through this section for ideas, lessons, and learning experiences by clicking on the appropriate grade from the drop-down menu.

We provide these resources to help caretakers, students, and staff stay connected as we navigate learning at home together.

Audience: Caretakers and Teachers

AISD Families and Caretakers

Caretakers can learn how to log into the AISD Portal, find resources for setting up systems for productivity while students are away from school, access SEL resources for talking about COVID-19 with children, get more information about district support through Telehealth and Mental Health, and read through a section for FAQs.

Audience: Caretakers and Teachers

Free Online Resources

This resource is primarily for students but can also be used by caretakers and teachers. This section includes a collection of online resources supported by AISD a collection of additional online resources that students may find engaging. Some sites may require a free account to be created, which should be done under parent supervision.

Audience: Students, Caretakers, and Teachers

Note: Parents are not expected to provide instruction to students. AISD teachers and staff will continue to manage instructional content.

What is the Student Portal, and what resources can I find there?

The Student Portal houses AISD’s free resources for online learning (such as BLEND, Google Suite, MackinVIA, Dreambox, BrainPOP, Khan Academy, etc.).

How do I access the Student Portal?

Tutorial Video: Accessing Your Student Portal (English)

Tutorial Video: Accessing Your Student Portal (Spanish)

Instructions for Accessing the Portal

  1. First, make sure to log out of any profiles when using a shared device.

  2. Then, students can access the Portal by going to and logging in with their login credentials.

  • Username: S + student ID # (also known as their lunch number, iStation number)

  • Password: capital letter of last name + 6-digit birthday (month, day, year) + lowercase “s”

  1. Students who forgot their custom password and who provided answers to the Portal's Challenge Questions can click 'Forgot Password' and follow the prompts to have their password reset.

Example Student Login: Jane Doe / Birthday: March 15, 2020 / Student #: 10023456

  • Username: S10023456

  • Password: D031520s

If I have other accounts on a device, how do I add my AISD account?

If you need help adding an AISD account to your device, click here. Any other technical troubleshooting can be addressed in the very last section of this homepage.

Need technology (Student Portal, Parent Cloud, Parent Portal, etc.) help?

Go to for more information!

The "Let's Talk" link at the bottom of this webpage is for caretakers to reach out for support beyond technology help.