Texas Learn OER

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By the end of this course, you should be able to:

    • Define Open Educational Resources

    • Explain the rationale for OER adoption and use

    • Explain the differences between the six currently available Creative Commons licenses

    • Identify repositories and other resources for finding relevant OER

    • Use tools and criteria to evaluate OER

    • Recognize steps and associated criteria for adapting and creating OER with proper attribution and licensing

    • Create an open educational resource

    • Review the current landscape of OER in Texas Higher Education

    • Recognize different Texas legislation on OER

Module 1: Introduction To This Course

Welcome to Texas Learn OER! Your learning includes a series of self-paced online learning modules. The first nine modules will serve as an introduction to open educational resources (OER) and as an opportunity for further exploration and discovery of open education practices. The tenth module serves as a final assessment of your learning. Throughout the modules there are opportunities for you to test your knowledge and further explore a concept. The modules allow you to learn at your own pace. While you can follow the modules in any order, it is recommended that you start with Module 1 and progress through in order. Many of the modules conclude with a Concept Review section. The Concept Review is an opportunity for you to review significant points discussed in a module. The answers to these Concept Review questions can be found in Module 10.

  1. Introduction to this course

  2. Understanding OER

  3. Why OER?

  4. Introduction to Open Licensing

  5. Finding & Evaluating OER

5.1. Finding OER

5.2. Evaluating OER

  1. Accessibility

  2. Creative Commons Licensing In-Depth

  3. Adapting, Creating, & Sharing OER

  4. A Look at OER in Texas

  5. Final Module Assessment

Earn a certificate of completion!

To earn a certificate, you must complete and submit the final assessment in Module 10 with a score of 80% or higher. The assessment may be taken more than once. A certificate of completion will be generated with a passing score. This certificate can be submitted to the appropriate department at your institution to potentially earn hours toward professional development or continuing education units (CEU). The recommended number of hours is three (or .3 CEUs).

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