8th Grade Science

Ms. Fordyce

Albany Middle School


End of the Quarter/Semester Warning!!

Go check Aeries!! I will NOT be adding any new assignments for the rest of the quarter. If you are missing any assignments, you need to come in at lunch on Thursday, 1/25 to make up your missing work/notebook quizzes.


Current Unit: Energy & Waves

Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

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If you miss a class for ANY reason, you need to make up the work.

Use this list to help you:

    1. Go to the Current Unit, and find the date of the class you missed! Set up your notebook if we did a lab, and complete the opener if we had one
    2. Then, see Ms. Fordyce at Lunch Make-up hours for stamps, help, or lab make-ups
      • Lunch help: Thursdays @ lunch in room 101

Google Classroom Codes

Period 3: 80y0f0r Period 5: u2l017

Period 7: hyl19ey Period 8: zm6q35d

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