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2018-2019 Student projects, photographs

and assignments

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Most of these student photos have been created with the use of mobile photography (cell phone),

and include various editing techniques.

(The class syllabus below is subject to change.)


Michael Lamb, Instructor -

SUPPLY FEE: $50/year (TBD)

(Fees include photographic paper printing, use of film & digital cameras, film usage, developing resources, photographic equipment & repairs, etc.)

UC Approved - (Year) Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

This year course provides students with fundamental instruction and study in photographic careers, history, aesthetic composition, and critique, while emphasizing the Principles of Design, Elements of Art and the value and advantages of a website. Properties of film and a photographic darkroom will be explored as well as portrait & studio shooting. Fundamental introduction to black & white photography will be explored along with extensive use of mobile/cell phone photography using various subject matters including cityscapes, still life, shadows, composition, color and black & white techniques. Projects regarding historic photographers, compositional studies, rule-of-thirds guidelines, and documentary photo-journalism techniques are also explored. Artistic project themes such as reflections, shadow art, night photography and close-up composition will be emphasized as well as creative expression. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of editing and the aesthetic values of color adjustment, contrast, cropping and straightening, and black & white usage. In short, the goal of this course is to learn how to take better photographs.

1st Semester Projects & Due Dates:

(Projects are tentative and selected from regularly revised lists, based on time, space limitations and material availabilities)

( 3 Edited shots per project unless noted)

No. 1 – Selfies 09/11 (Holding a camera)

No. 2 – Student-Shot Art Elements (7) 09/11

No. 3 – Citiscapes (w. 1 night shot) 09/18

No. 4 – Panoramas 09/18

No. 5 – Rule-of-Third Shots 09/25

No. 6 – Photographer w. example (2) 10/09

No. 7 – Unique Signs (1@night) 10/09

No. 8 – Ex. Low Angle 10/16

No. 9 – Art of Shadows 10/23

No. 10 – Creating Mood 10/30

No. 11 – Costume/Prop Art 11/06

No. 12 – Moon Shots 11/13

No. 13 –Food Art 11/27

No. 14 –10 Strangers 12/04

No. 15 – Views from Above 12/11

No. 16 – FINAL: Tunnels, Graffiti & Stained Glass (5) 12/18 (200 Pts)

1st Semester Extra Credit: Arboretum Shoot, Saturday, 11-03, 8:30-11, 100 Pts.

2nd Semester Projects & Due Dates:

(3 Edited shots per project unless noted)

No. 1 – Park Benches 01/15

No. 2 – Construction Sites 01/22

No. 3 – Reflections 01/29

No. 4 – Silhouettes 02/05

No. 5 – Studio Portraits (3) 02/12

No. 6 – Creative Group Shots (3) 02/19

No. 7 – Extreme Close-Ups 02/26

No. 8 – Humor 03/05

No. 9 – Motion/Action 03/12

No. 10 – Views from Windows 03/19

No. 11 – Liquid Creations 03/26

No. 12 – Music Theme 04/09

No. 13 – Local Landscapes (BW/Sepia) 04/16

No. 14 – Product Shots (3) 04/23

No. 15 – Trash (3) 04/30

No. 16 – Crowds & Venues 05/07

No. 17 – Transportation 05/14

No. 18 – Sports Close-Ups 05/21

No. 19 – Old Shoes/Tattoo Close-Ups 05/28

No. 20 – Final: Toy Compositions 05/31

2nd Semester Extra Credit:

Alphabet Photography (26 photos) Due on or before 05/31 (300 Pts.)

A demonstration, lecture, video and/or presentation may precede each randomly assigned project. Projects are usually due on Tuesdays but may be turned in early. (Therefore absences will not be an excuse for late projects.)


  • Following Assignment - details, requirements
  • Composition - subject, background
  • Editing - straightening, cropping, rule-of-thirds
  • Creativity - originality & uniqueness, thought & effort
  • Meeting Deadlines & Due Dates

**You must be able to download your photos to your assigned school files, a designated flashdrive and/or your phone files, and be able to email them to me for grading. Most projects are worth 100 points each and will be graded based on the quality of the photograph emphasizing subject, background, editing, and following the assignment.

**Note: There will be a Spring Art Show which will highlight the best student photography of the year.

Expected class requirements:

1. Assigned projects require current photos and photography.

2. **Absolutely no online photography may be used!!

3. **Computers are for research and editing only!!! (No video games.)

4. Please work without distracting others.

5. Do not talk above normal speaking voice.

6. Do not leave the room without permission. (truant/absence)

7. Take care of supplies and return them.

8. **Use head phones for any sounds!!

9. Bottled water only in class.

10. Please keep your computer stations clean.

11. Always carry a charger for your phone.

12. Ask to use the restroom before signing out/in.

13. Keep your photos organized!!

14. Daily outdoor photography will be available with a “photography hall pass” for approximately 20 minute periods.

There is a supply/lab fee of $50 for the year due in class on a designated day. Please sign and enclose fee with strip below. Cash or check made out to “AHS”. (Parent: If there is a financial concern please enclose a brief note of explanation instead)


Student and Parent/Guardian Consent Form:

I have read and understand the class procedures and will comply with all rules:

Student Name (please print)_______________________________________________________ Student Signature_________________________________________I.D.#______________Period__________

Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________ Date_____________Phone #_________________________E-mail Address___________________________________________