AHS Independent Study Program

Ryan Press

Independent Study Program Coordinatorrpress@ausd.net

Deja Anderson

Wellness/Independent Study Counselordanderson@ausd.net

Antyone Sims

Instructional Assistantasims@ausd.net
Philosophy and Goalsof the Independent Study Program
  • Within our comprehensive high school, our primary goal is to have students receive a state of the art education in person and on campus.

  • Students and families have had different learning and life experiences over the past few years.

  • Students and families have had different experiences in regards to the pandemic over the past few years.

  • We recognize that some students are going to need opportunities and support to assist with the transition to a full time return to in person learning.

Program Offerings

  • Transition program

  • College prep coursework offered in an independent study online format

  • Live teacher check-ins and support from AHS staff

  • Self-paced opportunities to move ahead with staff guidance to stay on track

  • Options for fully online coursework or up to two in-person classes

  • PE, Visual/Performing Arts, Foreign Language, and Extra Curriculars cannot be offered

  • Courses are College Prep only, not Honors or AP

  • NCAA Compliant

Program Purpose

  • Goal is to return fully to AHS

  • This is an independent study program, not live daily instruction

  • At least 4 courses must be in the online/independent study format

  • No more than 2 courses are allowed in person

  • This is not an opportunity pick and choose a class or two to take online but is meant to address the transition needs of many students coming out of the pandemic and returning to school full time

Program Structure

  • Students will meet with the AHS Independent Study staff to choose courses that are appropriate for their grade and graduation progress

  • Families will need to sign the Independent Study Master Contract

  • Students will have available daily check-ins; more check-ins are available if needed

  • Course assessments will be monitored by the master teacher

  • Tutoring will be available

  • Progress will be reviewed every two weeks

Program Schedule

Daily Check-ins/Synchronous work time: M-F 9:00am-10:00am

Weekly assessment/testing opportunities:

M/W 1:30pm - 3:00pm

T/Th 8:30am-10:00am

Program Guidelines

  • College Prep courses must have all post-test assessments taken and monitored in a Google Meet.

  • Cameras must be on and screens must be presented

  • Students take courses one course at a time

  • Each course should be completed within 3 weeks

  • Students should be working for 3-4 hours per day to stay on track

  • All courses on the Master Agreement must be completed by the end of the semester

  • Courses on the master agreement not completed by the semester will receive an F grade

Courses Offered

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Modern World History

US History




Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Pre Calculus





Digital Photography

Art Awareness

Music Appreciation

Medical Terminology

Criminal Law

Life Skills


*elective course titles may look slightly different on student transcripts