Personal and Social Development

Supporting students with their personal and social needs is a one of our top priority for all of our support personnel. Research shows that when social and emotional needs are met, students will be more successful academically.

Restorative Practices

Building a Culture of Community in Schools

De-Stressify Club

What does it mean to practice "Wellness" in your daily life? Would you like to learn strategies to help you with your stress and also help promote healthy & mindful practices on campus? Come join the De-Stressify Club on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month in the library during lunch.

ChangE to chill

Change To Chill helps teenagers live their healthiest lives. Learn various strategies to help you handle stress.

How can I change to chill? Find out by clicking on the link.


Practicing mindfulness allows students to be aware of their present state, while acknowledging their state of mind, emotions and thoughts in a healthy manner.

Mental Wellness awareness

Resources for parents

Mental health vs. Mental Wellness

Books and Research based statistics

Mental Wellness Presentation.pdf

This document is a resource for our families and students who are looking for guidelines on how to access help or assistance during a time of crisis. In any emergency, please contact 911 as an immediate source of help.

Care solace

Care Solace is an online referral service with a live (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) concierge line meant to connect individuals with local mental health programs and counseling services that meet their needs.

A SIMPLE, FAST and SAFE Tool for Drug and Mental Health Help. The most TRUSTED community of careIn partnership with CareSolace. Please contact the School Counselor for a referral.