Dana mariners

2018-19 Athletic Season

The “210 League”

The “210 League” is a collection of schools that have organized themselves to form a league in which middle schools can participate. This league is loosely based on the Rio Hondo League in which DANA Middle School participates. Middle schools are not regulated by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). As such, middle school leagues are organized and run by the school administrators.

Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program. Thus, competition is a privilege and not a right. Along with that privilege is the responsibility to conform to standards established for the School athletic teams. This privilege may be revoked when the athlete fails or refuses to comply with the established rules, policies and norms.

Athletic 210 League 2018-2019 Program Overview:

The vision of Dana Middle School Athletic Department is to provide student-athletes a safe and healthy environment that promotes and supports academic, athletic and personal achievement.

Athletic programs will encourage and empower student-athletes to become better students, athletes, leaders and citizens; to prepare for the transition to the next level of participation.

Mariners Beliefs:

  • We believe that regular exercise promotes healthy choices in all aspects of a student's life.
  • We believe that being part of a sports team encourages collaboration, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and community participation.
  • We believe that our activities create opportunities for optimal participation and athletic skill development.
  • We believe that diversity is a strength to our team.
  • We believe our coaches/staff exhibit and model professional behavior and create leadership opportunities for student-athletes.
  • We believe in winning graciously and losing gracefully.

Mission Statement:

Consistent with the mission of the AUSD, Dana Middle School Athletic Department will provide an athletic program that helps develop the whole person through education and competition in 210 League.

In addition, the program will provide student-athletes an opportunity to pursue and understand the values of attitude, character, commitment, leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability, decision-making, work ethic and team.

try outs

Any student who attends the school will be eligible to participate in TRY- OUTS, though athletes for a team will be chosen based on their abilities, experience and skill level.

For students who never played a Sport they are trying out for or did not made a team ,

will be a good start to sign for recreational team through Arcadia Recreation and Community Services Department. ArcadiaCA.gov/recreation