Careers and Technology

CTE Coordinator: Breanne Genite

Phone: (626) 821-1775

Department Chair: Brent Reiske

Administrator: John Finn

Secretary: Susana Moreno

Phone: (626) 821-1791

CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) Career Technical Education (CTE) classes provide training and experience through a wide variety of classes available during the school day and after school. CTE offers a unique opportunity for students to acquire information, utilize this information through hands-on activities, and apply the knowledge through “real-world” applications of skills learned in academic courses. All CTE courses support the Common Core and CTE Model Curriculum Standards. Learning rigorous academic skills, especially in English Language Arts and Mathematics are an integral part of each CTE course outline and competencies. These skills help our students put English Language Arts and Mathematics to work in a real-world, hands-on environment they can relate to. AHS offers five industry sectors and eight pathways. A pathway is a sequence of two or more CTE courses. Courses in a pathway are classified as an Introductory or beginning course, Concentrator for the intermediate course and Capstone for the final or advanced course. In the pathways with only two courses the first year is the Introductory/Concentrator and the second course is the Capstone. Pathways are designed to connect high school classes to college industry certifications and/or a career. Many of the CTE courses are articulated with Pasadena City College, Citrus College, Glendale Community College, and UC approved.

AHS Careers and Technology Teachers

Bill Chapman

C++ Programming

Keith Deluca

Advance Stagecraft

Robert Greep

Business Management

Breanne Genite


Ing Mu

Graphic Design
Advanced Graphic Design

Ray Mynster

Computer Science

Matthew Nielsen

Sports Medicine
Medical Careers

Frank Sunez

Video Production
Apache News

Brent Reiske

AP Computer Science
Department Chair

Emily Roswell

Food Science
Culinary Science

Courtney Rushing

Retail Marketing

Jack Sessions

Sports Medicine
Medical Careers

Caven Shen

AP Computer Science
Java Programming

Liza Tedford

Beginning Dance
Intermediate Dance

Brian Zurla

AP Computer Science