(Semester) Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

UC Approved

This course is a fast-paced and rigorous introduction to programming fundamentals. Students will learn to write computer programs in a high level language that supports object oriented programming. Topics include data typesand strings, math operations, input/output and exception handling, decision-making, and loops. This course will introduce students to programming in Java language both on PC and mobile platforms.

Note 1: A minimum grade of “A-” in this course is recommended for matriculation to AP Computer Science.

Note 2: Computer Programming Java cannot be taken at the same time or after Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science.

Grading Scale

97%~100% = A+; 94%~96% = A; 90%~93% = A-;

87%~89% = B+; 84%~86% = B; 80%~83% = B-;

77%~79% = C+; 74%~76% = C; 70%~73% = C-;

67%~69% = D+; 64%~66% = D; 60%~63% = D-;

<60% = Fail

Electronic Devices:

No personal electronic devices will be allowed in class at any time.

Assignments and Tests:

If a student has a verified Illness, the student is allowed 1 day extra time per day missed.

If a student is absent from school due to a situation such as a family trip or any other none school reason, teachers are NOT required to allow students to makeup work or do work prior to leaving, this includes students who are absent during finals.

If a student is not in class due to a school activity such as a field trip or a school sporting event, the student must prearrange with the teacher to turn in the assignment early.

Any assignments turned in after the unit test is given will earn a grade of zero.

Personal Behavior:

Unacceptable behavior includes any behavior that is distraction from class. Example: Touching, slapping, hitting, and yelling, among others.

A Students’ appearance may not detract from nor interfere with the learning environment or process.


Regular attendance is required.

A tardy will be given if the student is not in their assigned seat when the tardy bell sounds.

Students who are absent or tardy more than 10% of the class will receive a citizenship grade of U. Note: 10% of a semester is 9 days in a semester.