Unit 4 Intelligent Behavior

Unit 4: Intelligent Behavior

In Unit 4 the emergence of intelligent behavior is explored from two distinct approaches: from human crowd sourcing of data and from separate algorithmic agents working in parallel. The goal is to galvanize the connections among computing concepts and between computing and society. The first lesson explores the hardware layer of computing, working from discrete components to integrated circuits. The exponential advancement of electronics, low on the ladder of abstraction, is connected to advancements at the highest levels on the ladder of abstraction, where artificial intelligence and simulation and modeling are impacting all fields. In the concluding lesson, students identify problems and questions that can be addressed with computer simulation, incorporating agent-based modeling. Students are challenged to explore the assumptions and parameters built into several simulations and to attach meaning to the results. Having explored a few applications of intelligent behavior emerging from algorithmic components, students reflect on the current and future state of artificial intelligence.

Lesson 4.1 Moore’s Law and Modeling

Lesson 4.2 Intelligent Agents