Unit 2 The Internet

Unit 2: The Internet

The goal of Unit 2 is for students to have a more concrete understanding of the Internet as a set of computers exchanging bits and the implications of these exchanges. Students use PHP and SQL to structure and access a database hosted on a remote server, learn how HTML and CSS direct the client computer to render a page, and experiment with JavaScript™ programming language to provide dynamic content. The focus of the unit is on the protocols that allow the Internet to function securely as it delivers social media and eCommerce content. Students work briefly in each of several web languages to understand how the languages work together to deliver this content. The history and workings of the Internet are explored, and issues of security, privacy, and democracy are considered. Practical cybersecurity hygiene is included. Career paths in cybersecurity, web development, and information technology are highlighted.

Lesson 2.1 The Internet and the Web

Lesson 2.2 Shopping and Social on the Web

Lesson 2.3 Security and Cryptography