- Science 7 -

Welcome to Science 7 with Ms. Tong!

Here, you will be able to find nearly everything we do IN class! You will be able to find the following on this website:

- important class announcements

- our weekly class agenda

- binder table of contents (TOC)

- daily warm-up (w/u) questions

- homework assignments and daily review sheet

- class handouts, in case you lose the one(s) you receive in class, or you are absent!

Please keep in mind that if you are ABSENT, you are responsible for checking to see what you missed and for making up the work by doing one of the following 3 things:

(1) Check this website [for the missed day's Agenda, an updated list of Table of Contents, Class Handouts listed on the agenda that you didn't get in class, Warm-up question(s) you might have also missed, and assigned Homework],

(2) Ask a reliable peer, OR

(3) Email me (atong@ausd.net) to make an appointment to get individual help.

Nothing actually worth fighting for comes easily. Growth does not happen without overcoming challenges, big or small.

I would say, "good luck," but sometimes you make your own luck by working hard. So work hard, and work hard with a smile :).

<3 Ms. Tong