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Using Technology Better Website has created an awesome G Suite checklist for teachers and students. Check it out here.

Great Podcast from The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vickie Davis. This podcast is all about using the G-Suite in the classroom. Eric Curts shares 28 ways to use G-Suite in the Classroom.

My TakeAways

Google Docs-Use highlight tool and instead of highlight blackout-poetry; have students black out all unimportant parts of the article.

Google Slides-1. create comic books (each slide different panel of comic strip) 2. You can change page dimensions of page. 3. Stop motion in slides (speed up slide transitions)

Google Sheets- 1. Pixel art, 2. Language arts for random writing prompt generators

Google Drawings- 1. Graphic Organizers 2. interactive images 3. Math manipulatives 4. Publisher-create posters, greeting cards.

Click here for link to Podcast.

Templates for all these great ideas.

Book Creator for Chrome

Book Creator is an amazing classroom tool that has been embraced by teachers around the world. With Book Creator students can tell stories, demonstrate their understanding and share their learning with an audience. Read full article here via Book Creator website.

Free 3D Modeling Tool for Students

3D printing gives students the opportunity to solve problems, think critically, and move through a design process and feedback loop. VECTARY lets students bring their ideas to life. It is a free 3D modeling tool used by designers of all levels to create, share and customize 3D models online.

10 MORE digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 2)

Want to kick class off in a meaningful way … AND pull student interest into the lesson? Try one of these creative digital bell-ringer activities. (Public domain image via Click here for article from Matt Miller at Ditch that Textbook.

10 digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 1)

Matt Miller with Ditch That Textbook gives us some ideas for true thought provoking, mind expanding activities in his article 10 digital bell-ringers to kick start your class. He's right we want to kick start our class with intrigue. We want the kids excited to see what is the teacher going to have for them today! Check out this article and see if maybe, just maybe you could find one bell ringer idea that would work for you! Click here for article from Matt Miller at Ditch that Textbook.

New Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

Tutorials for teacher that cover all things Google Classroom. Topics like Find Your Class Code, Inviting Another Teacher and Commenting on Students Work. Thank you Ben Cogswell for this great cheat sheet!

5 Ways to Slow Down & Focus This Year

This article from 4 O'Clock Faculty is a great first week back read. We all tend to be peddle to the medal full speed ahead those first few weeks of school. We've had a wonderful summer and we are excited to get back and start making a difference in the lives of those around us. But all to often we start out August excited, tank full and then end up by October tired, tank running close to empty and dreaming of Thanksgiving break. I'm not suggesting we slack off during these first few months at all. What I'm suggesting is we make time to get to know our students and new colleagues, go to those ballgames and meetings but also remember to take a break. I hope you embrace at least one of these 5 slow down and focus ideas and challenge yourself to embrace the year but also take time and take care for yourself too! We can only be great educators and role models if we also care for our own mind, body and soul.