Vista peak preparatory

 CTE pathways

Career Technology Education 

Business Pathway

The Business Pathway offers students an opportunity to learn what goes into Starting a business, Risk Management, Marketing and Accounting.  We also offer Business Law to understand Contracts, Hiring and Firing Staff, Taxes and much more.  This Pathway is engaging, fun and relevant to real life.  Most students come out feeling confident in entering the workforce, managing their own money and ultimately contributing to our Economy as either a Future Business Owner, Accountant, Marketing Agent and or Executive in Business.

Biomedical sciences pathway

Biomedical Science provides students with a hands-on approach to learning about the human body.  From medical case, learning about diseases, injury and illness, VPP students in this program gain insight on the opportunities and responsibilities that come with pursuing a career  in the medical field.  Our HOSA Chapter gives students a chance to compete in man medical events such as; human body systems, medical intervention, sports medicine and health and wellness. 

stem pathway

STEM Pathway strives to create an academically diverse and rigorous engineering program that will prepare students to be successful in various fields of engineering, design and technical jobs. The mission is to develop lifelong learners prepared for college and career success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math related fields.  Vista Peak STEM also has a Robotics Club as well as offers students advancement opportunities within Project Lead the Way.

fine Arts Pathway

The Fine Arts Program prepares students for a potential career in the arts. Drawing is presented both as a tool that can be used in other art courses and as an art form in itself. Students will utilize design based thinking skills to create original works while learning foundational painting skills along with fundamentals of color theory. Students will explore color theory, idea development, and cognitive choice making. 

digital media & Communications

The Digital Media and Communication Pathway  prepares students for entry-level positions as a film/video production crew member. It is designed to give students the basic to advanced technical, artistic, and academic skills necessary for a strong foundation of film and video production experience.

design & multimedia arts Pathway

The Design and Multimedia Art Program introduces  students traditional photography techniques while learning the technical skills that are essential to this career path.  Graphic Design Students also gain an Adobe Certificate while exploring the importance of visual culture in society and gain the essential skills required to enter the workforce. 

Fashion Design Pathway

The Fashion Design program prepares students for a career in the fashion industry. It typically covers a wide range of topics including design principles, garment construction, textiles, fashion illustration, and fashion history. Students learn both the creative and technical aspects of fashion design, gaining skills in sketching, pattern making, sewing, and draping. The program often includes hands-on projects and opportunities to showcase their designs in fashion shows or exhibitions. Graduates of a fashion design program are equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers as fashion designers, pattern makers, fashion stylists, or fashion merchandisers.