College & Career Success


What is Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR)?


In partnerships with school leaders and staff, the vision of the Department of College and Career Success is to create a culture to promote greater access and exposure to programs and activities which prepare all students for their postsecondary and workforce pursuits To facilitate successful transitions through the educational process; and To equip every student with 21st Century Skills and credentials that will further their success upon graduation. In support of the Aurora Public Schools’ Strategic Plan and in alignment with the mission of the Division of Equity in Learning, our goal is to promote transformation by aligning with schools in the district until every student is prepared for a successful future after they graduate.

To accomplish this vision, we will develop & support programs in collaboration with schools so that students are provided exposure to the various options available to them after they graduate including directly entering the workforce or pursuing higher education. In addition, we will provide tools and resources to schools to create successful transitions for students through their educational process. Finally, we will work in concert with schools to shape a culture that affirms the development of 21st Century Skills and offers relevant workforce credentials for all of our students. All of the programs and initiatives will be designed to promote student outcomes around postsecondary access & exposure; rigorous curriculum & placement; credentials; and contextual learning experiences.

These outcomes are as follows:

    • Students understand their interests, talents and aspirations and use their strengths to continuously define and develop postsecondary and workforce skills.
    • Students demonstrate perseverance through challenging coursework which is aligned to their goals and aspirations while fostering real world connections.
    • Students earn credentials which recognize their assets and open doors to real world, relevant experiences by demonstrating the development of 21st Century Skills.

Students acquire hands-on experiences that are connected to postsecondary and workforce options. To accomplish this goal we will support school staff and leadership to encourage commitment from students and their families to shape this bright future for our community.

Our desire is to see family members actively participating in their student’s planning and exploration of postsecondary and workforce readiness.

APS College and Career Success Vision

College & Career Success Development in APS

Through the P-20 communities APS is able to provide PWR supports that start in Preschool and follow students through their ASCENT experience.

APS 2020 Goal 1 Educators' Toolkit

APS Educator's Toolkit: 2020 Goal 1

In this toolkit you can find support with:

  • Intro and Process
  • Getting Started
  • ICAP Assessement and Planning
  • Quality ICAP Implementation
  • Evaluation and Assessment