Family Involvement

Parents are our students' first teachers and play a huge role in influencing their futures. It is never too early to start talking to our children about their dreams, goals and careers that they are interested in learning more about.

It's incredibly important for parents to know WHERE and HOW to get information to help inform this process.

A Book is a World of Learning graphic
  • Talk to your child...and talk to them often. Have open and honest conversations with your student about their hopes, passions, dreams, and plans & then work together to set goals and to obtain the resources and help that you need.
  • Share your own stories with them about your career journey. Explain your process--the ups and downs and everything in between. Our students learn from our successes and our mistakes.
  • Know the administration, counseling staff, and support staff at your child's school--they are there to help your family as you navigate through this process.
  • Know that you can, and should, be asking lots of questions so that you can be informed of your student’s plan.
  • Go on "family field trips." Take the time to explore local colleges and universities in your area. Going on a road trip? Make some quick stops at colleges along the way.
  • Log in to Family Connection in Naviance with your student and explore his/her goals, career interests, plans, searches and survey results to spark conversation.