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Hello Inductees!

Happy October to you! You have made it through your first semester. Do not doubt yourself, you can do it!! You are making a difference each and every day. I wanted to provide a few Induction Updates to you. Please feel free to share this information with others or reach out with any questions. We have a new Professional Learning Management system so this is new to all of us.

Justin Peterson, Professional Learning Site Technician, has completed the playlists for induction and has enrolled everyone who had registered for a new teacher cohort prior to October 16 into the playlist. This should show up on your dashboard in Performance Matters.

If you have not registered for a cohort then you will need to register for all of the following courses in Performance Matters. Please see this Help Sheet for guidance on how to register. If you need assistance, please contact Justin Peterson.

Please note * the requirement for professional learning will depend on courses that you sign up for in Performance Matters. Please see a list of approved courses here If you have any questions, please let me know. Most of these have been put into the system.

Our goal was to have three checkpoints throughout the year for inductees. The first checkpoint now - (Between now and December 1) Please take some time to reflect and document the work that you have done so far. This is completed in Performance Matters. There are artifacts and information that should be completed in Moodle through the course. There are two courses that you are asked to complete in Moodle - Coaching and Site Based work. You will need to have record and artifacts for both coaching and site based support at this time. It must be complete in Performance Matters in order to count for induction hours.

A help sheet is included. Help Sheet

-Jennifer Sheldon

PM_Help Sheet_New Teacher Induction Coaching Documentation
Approved PD for new teachers
PM_Help Sheet_New Teacher Induction PD Playlist.pdf


Final *Induction for Teachers at a glance 2018-2019 Revised August 27,2018

Final Induction at a Glance

Overview of induction for general education teachers

Support Documents for APS Induction 2018-2019

Induction Tracking Form

Support Document This document can be used in buildings to track the requirements for induction.

Induction for ESS at a glance 2018-2019

Final Induction at a Glance for ESS teachers

Overview of induction for special service providers

New Teacher Cohort 2018-2019

New Teacher Cohort

This document outlines the information in the New Teacher Cohorts and the dates that the cohorts meet.


Who needs to participate in an induction program?

Licensed staff, who have an initial-level license issued by the Colorado Department of Education, and have not already completed a state-approved induction program in CO, must successfully complete the APS Induction Program before being recommended for state professional-level licensure.

APS requires all new staff in APS with an initial license to complete an induction program during their first year in Aurora Public Schools.


If you're not sure if CDE requires an induction program for the license type you currently hold, you will need to check with CDE to find out if you are required to complete one.


If you have already completed an induction program with another CDE-approved district or agency, you will not be required to participate in the APS Induction Program. If that is the case, please scan and email your completion certificate to Justin Peterson, in order to be exempted from participation.

How do I track my course requirements?

It is VERY important to keep track of ALL your attended professional learning training's. The classes/training's you attend for induction, will only be counted toward your program after they are recorded as completed and have the proper credit issued on your Performance Matters professional learning transcript.

Please Note: If you do not complete Induction in APS before moving to another district, you will need to complete that district’s induction program from the beginning. The APS Induction Program is Not Transferable .

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding APS Induction?

Please contact, Jennifer Sheldon or Justin Peterson with any questions or concerns regarding New Teacher Induction.


*Mentors are not assigned at a district level. The New Teacher Cohort is part of the mentoring support that is provided. In addition, the Department of Professional Learning asks that our teaching partners support new staff. We will provide training and guides to help them.

If you would like to assign an additional mentor, the Professional Learning Department is willing to provide Salary Advancement hours as an incentive and this person can attend the mentor training that is being offered. Please access Performance Matters for the course entitled New Teacher Mentor Training and Support for Site Based Mentors . This course will be offered throughout the year.

Mentors FLYER.pdf

Mentor Courses

Please access Performance Matters for the course entitled New Teacher Mentor Training and Support for Site Based Mentors (Course #12555).

Communication Sent to Principals on July 13 . At the bottom of this document is the district work that is defined for Orientation. This is a great place to reference for planning.

New Educator Orientation Communication 2018