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Quick Announcements:

*The Professional Learning Guidebook is now available!

*Check out our Monthly Bulletin! (January Bulletin)

*Performance Matters is now LIVE!! (SABA is no longer available). Check out our Performance Matters page for for everything you need to know.

* Pre-Approved Online Professional Learning Opportunities. Find list HERE.


Math & Literacy Curriculum Implementation

These sessions are based on high-leverage instructional strategies connected to our new math and literacy resources. Learn additional strategies for deeper understanding. Participants have the option of receiving Salary Advancement Credit or payment.

Registration will open on January 7th and will be limited to the first 30 teachers. (PSoC will be limited to the first 20 teachers.)



Check out the Professional Learning Guidebook!

Guidebook for Professional Learning Final October 2018

Every month the Professional Learning team publishes a "Professional Learning News" bulletin, in which you can find the latest news and updates.

Check it out!

January Bulletin

PL News January 2019

LMS Important Update:

Performance Matters has replaced SABA Cloud

Performance Matters - Professional Learning Management for Aurora Public Schools

Performance Matters is the Learning Management System tracking all professional development for employees in Aurora Public Schools.

Any professional development available to the district is now offered through Performance Matters including registrations and verification of hours for re-licensure or Salary Advancement purposes.

Please note that previous credit hours are not yet in Performance Matters; All previous professional learning will be uploaded to learner transcripts in the system by December 21, 2018. Should you need to access transcripts from the previous system, please Click Here to submit a request and a copy of your Record of Professional Learning will be sent to you within 4 - 5 business days.

For more information and help sheets, please visit our Performance Matters web page.


2018-2019 Beginning of the Year Professional Learning Registration Now Available!

(including Quarter 1 CLDE Credential coursework)

Registration is now available for Quarter 1 CLDE Credential coursework. CLICK HERE for course list and course descriptions! Please CLICK HERE to add/drop courses. Registration for second quarter classes will be available after the start of the school year.

Important CLDE Credential Reference Documents:


If you have questions for the CLDE Professional Learning Team, please email Please note, the CLDE Professional Learning team will be out of the office from June 18 through July 16, 2018 and will be unable to respond to emails until after that date.

Pre-Approved Online Professional Learning Opportunities

Based on criteria developed by the Professional Learning Department we have determined that the following organizations provide appropriate and rigorous online coursework. We do not endorse these organization, however, their coursework meets our expectations; and therefore certificates earned through them will receive automatic approval. Online courses provided by organizations other than those listed below will be subject to a vetting process and may not be approved. If you have any other course providers you would like for us to consider adding to this list, please contact Shawn Roloff, Professional Learning EdTech TOSA.

Online Professional Learning Opportunities