Article 21

Article 21 Overview

In accordance with Article 21 of the Negotiated Agreement, monies are provided for teachers' professional conference attendance thereby providing impetus for improvement in education through an interchange of ideas and an exposure to new developments. (A regional conference is considered to be any conference held in Colorado; a national conference is any conference outside of Colorado.)

All teachers are highly encouraged to apply for funding. Selection of which conference to attend may be done in collaboration with principals, Instructional Leadership Teams, Department Chairs or content area specialists.*

The application for Spring 2018 conferences/workshops occurring January – June 30, 2018, will be available September 29, 2017. The application deadline for conferences occurring during the Spring 2018 semester is October 16, 2017, at 4:00 P.M.**

Please send all application (via district mail or deliver in-person) to Justin Peterson, Site Technician at the PLCC.

*Article 21 Winners are Selected by Lottery | **Late Submissions are Accepted Under NO Circumstances

Article 21 Instructions and Application

Please view the webcast for instructions and then click on the instruction and application links below. A reminder applications or inquiries are now directed to Justin Peterson in Professional Learning:

Article 21 Spring 2018 Application Timeline

    • Applications are accepted at the PLCC until 4:00 P.M. on October 16, 2017.*
    • All applicants receive confirmation of received application and notice of Lottery Drawing date.
    • Lottery Drawing occurs the week of October 16, 2017.
    • All applicants are notified of drawn order.
    • Lottery Winners have 48 hours to accept or deny awarded monies.
    • Lottery Winners receive notice of when Advance Check are available

*Late Submissions are Accepted Under NO Circumstances

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Article 21 Fall 2017 Award Recipients

  • Deborah Abbot - CAEA Conference
  • Emma Adams - CAEA Conference
  • Christine Aurit - EECS Level 1 Training
  • Britney Clavert - Support Early Development for Children with Down Syndrome
  • Erin Chan - CAEA Conference
  • Jennifer Clayton - Marzano Questioning Sequence
  • Andrea Fertgus - CAEA Conference
  • Aimee Fortin - Marzano Questioning Sequence
  • Jamal Jackson - National Alliance of Social Workers in Sports
  • Paul Lemp - ASHA 2017
  • Monica Meyer - Marzano Question Sequence
  • Caitlin Mulvahill - Support Early Development for Children with Down Syndrome
  • Kasey Nelson - 3s Symposium
  • Georgia Pritchard - Marzano Questioning Sequence
  • Victoria Schleyer - CAEA Conference
  • Linda Schmale - CAEA Conference
  • Jessica Sebold - Little Kids Rock
  • Andrea Slusarski - CAEA Conference
  • Sophie Smith - Marzano Questioning Sequence
  • Elizabeth Stanbro - CAEA Conference
  • Kelly Tousley - Early Start Denver Model Introductory Workshop
  • Angie Willsea - CAEA Conference