Be Part of Shaping the Future


"Our mission, in partnership with our community, is to accelerate learning for all students so they may develop the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to shape successful futures. Our students need every member of the Aurora Public Schools team to do their jobs extremely well, including school leaders. If you have the experience, creativity, and commitment required to be a successful principal in APS, we look forward to meeting you and exploring possibilities."

~ Rico Munn

APS Superintendent

"The Aurora Education Association advocates for the learning and working conditions our students and teachers need to be effective. Our 1600 plus members are taking the lead to REACH, TEACH and INSPIRE every student to shape a successful future!"

~ Amy Nichols, President of the Aurora Education Association

"I've spent my entire career in the Aurora Public Schools--as a student, a teacher, an instructional coach, an instructional coordinator and now a principal. Over the course of my time here in this incredibly vibrant and diverse community, I've seen many changes take place over the years . One aspect of our work that has remained unchanged is our desire to attract and support school leaders that are committed to supporting our students and families. Our students deserve experienced, compassionate, and capable leaders that are prepared to do whatever it takes to accelerate the learning of every APS stakeholder. We believe in our work. If you want to be an integral part of our mission, we would love to have you!"

~ Dave Schoenhals, Principal, Aurora Quest P-8

"This is my dream job, because I believe as a Principal I have the ability to positively impact a community of educators who work with children every day. What could be better than working with passionate people who give children a voice in the world? My teachers/staff make a difference and I get to be with them on this journey."

~ Ruth Baldivia, Principal, Boston P-8