Toolkit and Recommendations

Our Toolkit is made up of Hardware, Software, Management Systems, Spaces/Models, and the practices needed to best support students and teachers. It is our hope that this toolkit continues to expand as our understanding and experience grows in implementing Personalized Learning across APS.


As we select our recommended hardware, we have four guiding principles:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Mobile
  • Sustainable
  • Equity-focused


Software is not pedagogically agnostic and therefore must be considered carefully. We will select software for our toolkit that best supports the 21st century skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information Literacy
  • Invention
  • Self-direction

Additionally, these software tools should support personalization and (ideally) be accessible from anywhere.

Management Systems:

Management Systems should be leveraged for managing:

  • Hardware Configuration
  • Software Distribution
  • Data Warehousing and Analysis
  • Credential Provisioning and Authentication
  • Content Development and Distribution

Management Systems should not be leveraged for managing:

  • Instructional Decisions

Spaces and Models:

Consideration of Learning Spaces and the Models that best support those spaces are essential to developing a strong toolkit:

  • Online Spaces and Models
  • F2F Spaces and Models
  • Blended Spaces and Models
  • 1:1 Spaces and Models