Professional Learning and Support

We endeavor to provide sessions, structures, and supports that meet a diverse set of needs across our Learning Communities and in our schools. We base our supports on a model of Centralize, Localized, and Personalized Professional Learning outlined below:

Our Current Support is focused upon:

  • Planning, Co-teaching, and Coaching with teachers and school leaders for increasing learner agency.
  • Professional Learning development and facilitation that builds capacity in teachers and school leaders according to our team purpose.
  • Support for Learning Community and Support Team members based upon shared priorities and capacity building for Personalized Learning.
  • Support all schools (regardless of learning community) with Lead Learner areas:
    • Personalization with G Suite for Education
    • Adult Personalization and Micro-credentials
    • Visible Learning Portfolios
    • From1to1 Implementations (Blended Learning practices, processes, and procedures and designing for specific needs for unique schools and learners)
    • PBL-Project Based Learning
    • Digital Citizenship and Data Privacy

Shifting Support (what we have done in the past, and are seeking to shift)

  • Create Systems/Sites/Spreadsheets that create/continue dependance upon the Personalized Learning team:
    • Rather, we will only perform these functions when they create/continue capacity building at the school site or across the district for further impact.
  • Break/Fix with Classroom equipment:
    • This is handled brilliantly by our Help Desk Team and Embedded Site Techs
  • MDM and Google Admin Console Implementation and Management:
    • IT and a Google Council made up of cross-functional team to support better rollout of G Suite for Education
  • Tech Skills Professional Learning that are outside of the Team Purpose Scope and Lead Learner responsibilities:
    • We recommend: Online Resources and PD Courses

Two overriding concepts for our supports:

  • All Team Members have the personal autonomy to determine alignment with the purpose of the team
  • What a team member learns through the support, that learning must be shared