Lead Learner Projects

Each Personalized Learning Team Member is responsible for both the support of a Learning Community (of Schools) and leading a cohort of teachers, leaders, and each other in a specific area of learning. This second component functions as the Lead Learner capacity for the team member.

  • Program Director: Ben Wilkoff and Lead Learner for Personalized Learning with G Suite for Education
  • Personalized Learning Partners:
    • Jan Parker - Community S and Lead Learner for Adult Personalization and Micro-credentials
    • Jacki Sloan - Community E and Lead Learner for Visible Learning Portfolios
    • Nick Steinmetz - Community L and Lead Learner for From1to1 Implementations
    • Stella Cypher - Community A and Lead Learner for PBL
    • David Van Sicklen - Community P and Lead Learner for Digital Citizenship and Data Privacy

Brainstorming Responsibilities/Commitments of Lead Learners in APS:

    • Deep dive in blended learning and flipping a classroom (adult and student) - Damhof
    • Identify interested sites/leaders for From 1to1 Implementation
    • Facilitating conversations and design of From 1to1 Implementations with schools
    • Capture and share From 1to1 examples for exploration in personalizing 1to1 environments
    • As a lead learner of Visible Learning Portfolios, I will update the Digital Portfolios website with additional resources and student samples. I will share this resource with our team as well as schools, community members, and teachers that are interested in having students create visible learning portfolios.
    • As a lead learner of Visible Learning Portfolios, I would love to facilitate a cohort of elementary teachers working on Seesaw and a cohort of teachers working on other platforms (I would encourage Google Sites).
    • I will work along side teachers to help students create visible learning portfolios.
    • Modeling adult personalized learning opportunities district-wide and making my reflections public as well as offering opportunities for other adult learners to reflect publicly
    • Tying adult learning into micro-credentialing
    • Identifying models of PBL classrooms already in place and others that are open to exploring this practice
    • Develop/Curate a collection of resources for teachers and school leaders to implement PBL
    • Co-Teach and reflect on the process of PBL alongside teachers who are trying it on
    • Communicating progress according to Lead Learner resources
    • Communicate with other PLPs across communities to share knowledge gained about PBL
    • Learn about and practice PBL in my own work for teachers.

Agreed Upon Responsibilities/Commitments of Lead Learners in APS:

  • Research (including school visits, reading, and professional learning) on Lead Learner Topics
    • Apply learning as Action Research Project (including co-teaching, co-planning, and/or coaching)
  • Identifying interest in Lead Learner Projects with Schools, Leaders, and Teachers
    • Facilitate conversations on Lead Learner Topic with interested stakeholders
    • Capture and share learning and examples from process
  • Facilitating at least 4 Synchronous events in our Lead Learner Cohorts (at least two f2f):
    • Facilitating Shared learning and reflection
  • Creating support resources (templates, videos, pages) for others to engage in our Lead Learner project.
    • On PL Site or Other Curated Site
  • Develop, Model and Learn From Personalized Professional Learning structures that can be utilized by whole team
    • Micro-credentialing PD when applicable
  • Sharing progress as a model for reflective practice (Blog, Video, Podcast, Tweets, etc.):
    • 1 Per Month (facilitated or on your own)

Overall Commitments:

  • Research (including school visits, reading, and professional learning) on Personalized and Blended Learning
  • Sharing progress and work in other areas not in Lead Learner project
    • Podcast across the team