Kelly Substitutes

Important Reminders

Do not place absences on hold. You need to indicate on the system if you require a sub or not. Absences at an hour or less should be listed as No Substitute Needed and will be covered internally. If the position is covered internally, be sure to have the absence changed to No Sub Needed.

Substitute Evaluation forms are very supported and accepted with KES. Please share with your school secretary so they can report to KES the feedback. Please be as detailed as possible.

Provide as much lead time as possible, enter your request as soon as you make plans to be away from school. It is easier to redirect a substitute that is not needed for the day than to request one the day of.

Add helpful information into the notes field for the Substitute. What are you doing today??? This will help them feel prepared when coming to the assignment.

Extending the assignment if you need to be out longer than originally anticipated. Do not create new. This can cause serious payroll and reporting issues.

Create your absence request based on the time the substitute is needed to support. This will report the correct arrival time for the substitute.

Please use this link to request Personal Leave.


Teachers are expected to complete the following, and submit plans to Sally prior to an absence.

General Classroom Info

North Sub Plan Template

Please complete this brief survey to alert guest teachers about the location of your 'in class emergency sub folders’.


Review the Employee Guide prior to using Kelly Subs. The handbook can be accessed HERE.

Complete this evaluation form for every substitute.


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