Our programming allows students to be part of a community where individuals develop the knowledge, skills, and character needed to succeed in further schooling, thrive in adulthood, and positively contribute to their communities.


North Middle School Health Sciences and Technology Campus expects every individual to exhibit extremely high academic achievement in a positive school climate that provides relevant, innovative, structured, and engaging learning experiences.


Trust decisions and interactions are centered upon student interests. We will communicate openly, transparently, and will be held accountable for our actions.

Respect each stakeholder. We will focus on students' strengths, differentiate curriculum and instruction to accommodate varied learning styles/multiple intelligences.

Unite in support of adult, student, and community learning. We will treat all students as special and worthy of love, empathy, and support in building their future story. We will treat family members as valued partners.

Engage social, emotional, and academic standards in learning activities. We will help students develop social and emotional skills, in addition to their academic skills, to foster a passion for learning. We will offer opportunities that promote creativity, critical thinking, diversity, multiculturalism, equity, civic engagement, and public service.