Ms. Maccioli - Counselor

Ms. Nies-Counselor

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Marie Maccioli, Counselor

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Mrachek is one of many schools in the APS district which follows the PBIS model as a way to teach and reward students for demonstrating appropriate behaviors. To learn more about this district initiative visit the PBIS website at

As most Mrachek families are aware, Mrachek has adopted the motto SR2 to represent the behaviors that we expect from our students. SR2 means be safe, be respectful, be responsible. Students receive SR2 tickets from staff members when they are demonstrating SR2 behavior. Students can turn the tickets in for weekly prize drawings or exchange them at SR2 store at lunch time for prizes. Students also enjoy the benefit of having lunch in the Knights Café, located inside the cafeteria, if their ticket is drawn at the weekly drawings. Congratulations to every student for choosing to show safe, respectful and responsible behavior!

Please continue to encourage your student to consistently demonstrate behavior that reflects our SR2 motto!

Marie Maccioli is the counselor for all students on teams Griffin, Dragon, and Phoenix. She can be reached at 303-750-2836 ext. 25441 or by email at

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