APS Mathematics

Guided by APS 2020, the latest research,and the graduation requirements from CDE, we will combine sound instructional practices with relevant curricular resources to ensure every APS student has access to meaningful learning experiences. Year 2 of our implementation brings positive momentum and new challenges. Most importantly it provides the opportunity to help students shape a successful future. Visit frequently for updates and new resources.

“I used to do a lot of explaining, but now I do a lot of questioning,” said the teacher. “I used to do a lot of talking, but now I do a lot of listening. I used to think about teaching the curriculum, but now I think about teaching the student.”

--Catherine Gewertz

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative planning is an important structure within our daily routines. Take a look inside Peoria Elementary, where one grade level team works together to focus on unit planning and finds other time in the day to debrief lessons.

While there are many cultural forces at work inside this planning team, it may be helpful to consider how does their use of time communicate their values?