Learning Resource Liaisons

Adopted Curriculum Support

Who ya gonna call?

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  • Trouble with Resource Manager
  • Help with Reports
  • 877-899-8550 opt.3

Your Learning Resources Team

  • If you're not sure... contact us! x28451

Responsibilities / Competencies

  • Ensure all curricular and technology resources are accounted for (both physically in the school and in Destiny).

Click here for Help Sheet to add equipment to Resource Manager

Click here for Help Sheet to add Middle School Math PSOC iPads to Resource Manager

  • Ensure all orders/deliveries are completed, resources have appropriate asset tags, properly entered into Destiny, and are promptly distributed to staff/students.
  • Be the point person for requesting additional resources on behalf of school staff.
  • Help facilitate the transfer of extra resources out of the school for district reallocation.

  • Be the point person for all communications coming in from LR and going out to LR.
  • Forward appropriate LR communications to staff when needed.
  • Submit iSupport help requests for school technology and Destiny issues.
  • Communicate school needs to LR when additional resources need to be delivered or sent away.

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What to do and When

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Professional Development

Face-to-face trainings for learning to use Resource Manager and best practies for managing your school's resources

All trainings are held at the Learning Resources Department (ESC 2)

Training Dates

Quarter 1

  • TBD

Quarter 2

  • TBD

Quarter 3

  • TBD

Quarter 4

  • TBD

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