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Gifted and Talented Services

Aurora Public Schools provides a comprehensive range of differentiated services for high potential and gifted students. Services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Affective Education - Helping students understand themselves as gifted, as learners, and as a part of a larger community and providing opportunities for self-expression, community service, leadership and risk-taking
  • Cluster grouping - Placing gifted students together in a regular classroom
  • Content Acceleration - Pacing students through content at a rate that matches their advanced abilities
  • Content Enrichment - Providing learning opportunities that expand and deepen student understanding
  • Content Novelty - Allowing students to research and study topics of strong interest to them
  • Content Sophistication - Providing content and learning that requires the use of higher level thinking
  • Cross Grade Level Grouping - Grouping students with others in a higher grade level
  • Curriculum Compacting - Providing students who demonstrate grade level proficiency with advanced, alternate learning, Independent Study--allowing students to design and implement their own study plans with close monitoring by the teacher
  • Subject Grouping - Grouping students with similar strengths for instruction in a subject
  • Tiered Assignments/Resources - Providing assignments and resources that ensure students explore ideas at a level that builds upon their prior knowledge
  • Other Programming Options:
    • Aurora Quest K-8, school for gifted students in grades K-8 with emphasis on content acceleration in literacy and math (applicants should be gifted or high potential in reading/writing or math)
    • International Baccalaureate, available at elementary, middle and high school
    • Honors classes
    • Advanced Placement, high school
    • STEAM Pathways
    • ASCENT Program, concurrent enrollment
    • Digital Badging
    • Capstone projects
    • Extra-curricular through on and off-site opportunities and community partnerships

Services in Talent Areas - Students who are identified as gifted in talent domains will receive services in schools through existing ART, MUSIC and PE programs. The Gifted and Talented Department, in collaboration with Post-secondary Workforce Readiness, is developing community resources and opportunities for students who are identified as gifted in DANCE and PERFORMING ARTS.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Gifted and Talented